Who We Are

Revolution Oilfield Services provides innovative products and services for the tubular running industry. Our Casing Running Tools (CRT) provide a lightweight, compact, and completely mechanical replacement to conventional casing rotation systems. We’re here to help you revolutionize the way you run casing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support companies in the tubular running industry. We help our clients develop successful operations by providing quality products and services.

Our Vision

Revolution Oilfield Services is committed to enhancing the tubular running industry. We’re constantly reimagining methodology, which helps us create positive and innovative change in every business we work with.

Our Team

Each member of the Revolution Oilfield Services team comes with a unique skillset. However, we’re all joined together in our mission and vision. It’s our shared innovative mindset that allows us to explore new products and new ways to provide value for our customers.

  • Darren Larson, C.E.T.
    Darren Larson, C.E.T.President

    Darren is a CRT systems expert with a passion for helping tubular running companies thrive and grow. His direct operational experience in challenging environments from the Middle East to the Arctic gave him insight into the incredible impact of technology on the industry. After taking on operations and business development roles in several international organizations, Darren determined to offer specialized support services to businesses in the tubular running industry. In 2014, Darren incorporated Revolution Oilfield Services and began building out his team of casing running tool experts.

    Benefit from Long-Term Integrated Services

    At ROS, we’re passionate about applying technology to help people and organizations achieve their goals. Learn more by visiting our services page.

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