Volant Casing Running Tools

Lightweight. Compact. Completely mechanical. Our Volant CRTs are uniquely designed to maximize efficiency while simplifying your operations. The CRT is compatible with any top-drive equipped rig and can be installed in a manner of minutes. Help optimize your rig’s production with our revolutionary and intuitive CRTs.

Our CRT rentals come equipped with dual release safety mechanisms combining weight and reverse rotation, ensuring a safe and dependable connection to the casing string. The threat of becoming stuck in the most challenging of hole conditions is greatly reduced with the CRT’s ability to rotate, circulate and reciprocate the casing quickly and in combination. Revolution’s CRT rentals are your immediate casing running solution for an increase in safety, efficiency and convenience.



CRTe Overview

The CRTe™ is designed to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non-productive time and associated costs. The CRTe™ grips the casing externally and is mechanically engaged through a combination of compression and forward rotation which results in an operation that is entirely controlled by the driller. This reduces dangers associated with miscommunication between multiple operators and the cost of additional personnel. With a 500 ton hoist capacity the CRTe™ is increasingly becoming key to the successful handling of long strings of small diameter, heavy walled casing.

CRTi Overview

The CRTi™ is also designed to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate and cement casing and liner strings. Both the CRTi™ and CRTe™ are engaged via a combination of compression and forward rotation with the primary difference being that the CRTi™ grips the casing length internally. Due to the robust and simple design, the CRTi™ has become the solution of choice for many casing operations internationally. With capacities ranging from 120 to 660 tons and 4.5” to 30” diameters, there are various solutions for your casing strings.


  • Make/break connections, fill, circulate, rotate, reciprocate and cement through capabilities
  • Completely mechanical
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple instinctive operation
  • Single connection rig-in
  • Immediate solutions for challenging hole conditions
  • Casing drilling applications

Volant CRT Specifications

Hoisting Load
120-660 Ton

Torque Output
13,000-85,000 Ft. Lbs.

Circulating Pressure
5,000 PSI

Maximum Flow Rate
6.9-27.7 bbl/min.

Size Weight Range Units
4.5″ 9.5-15.1 PPF
5.0″ 11.5-32 PPF
5.5″ 13-39.3 PPF
6.63″ 17-69.63 PPF
7.0″ 17-66.5 PPF
7.63″ 20-55.75 PPF
8.63″ 24-36 PPF
9.63″ 32.3-59.4 PPF
10.75″ 32.8-79.2 PPF
11.75″ 42-71 PPF
12.75” 50-58.4 PPF
13.38″ 48-77 PPF
15.0″ 92.5 PPF
16.0″ 65-109 PPF
16.77″ 69.4-77 PPF
17.88″ 93.5-105 PPF
18.63″ 87.5-139 PPF
20.0″ 94-169 PPF
22” 184.5-224 PPF
26” 275 PPF
28” 222.7 PPF
30” 233.2 PPF

*Pressure rating on casing seal: maximum 5000 PSI.

Contact us today to ensure the proper casing running solutions for your project and sleep well knowing you’re in good hands.

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