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Our casing running tool accessories are designed to help your CRT system achieve greater functionality. 


Drill Quip Extendable Casing Links

Drill Quip’s unique extendable casing links allow for a smoother transition from drilling to casing running operations. Traditional bail extensions can be difficult to manipulate and cause CRTs to fire outside of casing. The Drill Quip extendable link eliminates these issues by preventing interference between the CRT and the links. The lightweight design also results in easier to handle links for safer and faster rig-in/out.

Benefits of Drill Quip Bails:

  • Fit all sizes of single joint elevators
  • Link tilt adaptors that fit with a wide range of top drives
  • Greater control for the driller
  • Adjustable length of 15’6” to 25’

Drill Quip Bails are manufactured with full compliance to API Specification 8C, UNO.

Hoist Rating: 6 ton

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