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Revolution Oilfield Services is proud to offer our industry partners the best in revolutionary technology. We sell products that we know and trust, and that have proven to operate at the highest possible standards. Our partners at DrawWorks have developed a reputation for innovation, endurance, and building relationships. We’re proud to work with them to uphold these values.


The DrawWorks CRT

The DrawWorks CRT is a mechanical casing running tool with a modular design. Compared to its competition, the DWCRT has the least parts, which makes it the simplest and easiest tool to use and maintain. You can make up casing, run it into the well, reciprocate, rotate, and circulate at any time. This allows for complete ease of operation and the best possible results in terms of safety, reliability, and versatility.

Less Tools, More Money Saved

  • Use the same actuator head to run casing from 4.5” to 20”
  • Use a single set of dies for all common weights within a single pipe diameter

Lower Release Torque

  • Where other CRTs will become stuck, the DWCRT can lock and unlock at a lower torque
  • Compensating Lock Mechanism (CLM) requires no top drive weight to engage the slips
  • Combine the CLM with 6” of compensation in the housing to use a lower release torque


Our casing running tool accessories are designed to help your CRT system run simply and efficiently.


DrawWorks Cement Swivel (DWSES)

One of our most popular accessories is the DrawWorks Side Entry Swivel (DWSES). Positioned between the top drive and the CRT, the DrawWorks Cement Swivel provides an entry port for cementing operations. This completely eliminates the need to remove the DWCRT to pump cement through the top drive using a conventional cement head.

Benefits of the DWSES:

  • Rotation and reciprocation abilities, which lead to reduced channeling and improved mud displacement, and therefore, better zonal isolation for the cement pouring
  • Compact, weld-free design
  • 2.25” bore allows easy flow of fluids through the swivel via the top drive (when rotation is not necessary) and via the side port during dynamic cementation

Length: 20-36”

Hoist Rating: 750 ton

Flow Rate: 15 bbl/min.


DrawWorks Flush Mount Spider/ Elevator

The Flush Mount Spider/Elevator (FMS) is versatile, dynamic, and compact. Thanks to the FMS conversion kit, it can be used as a floor slip or casing elevator.

Benefits of the DWFMS:

  • Machined rather than cast or welded, which allows for a smaller footprint with higher load capacities
  • Simple die change process
  • Takes the place of backup tongs, decluttering the rig floor for safety and efficiency

Size & Range:

  • Range: 2 3/8” – 13 3/8”
  • Unique die configuration with 1” range, making it unnecessary to change dies when changing pipe
  • Compact design that sits at 30” when open and only 6” above floor when closed
  • 16” diameter tools can pass through

API Hoist Rating: 500 ton

Torsional Rating: 45,000 ft/lbs


Dril-Quip 6-Ton Extendable Casing Links

Dril-Quip’s unique extendable casing links allow for a smoother transition from drilling to casing running operations. Traditional bail extensions often hit the CRT and can even cause the tool to fire outside the casing. Dril-Quip has entirely eliminating these issues. The casing link can be adjusted simply by moving two bolts, transitioning from as small as 15’6” to 25’ at its full extension.

Benefits of Dril-Quip Bails:

  • Fit all sizes of single joint elevators
  • Link tilt adaptors that fit with a wide range of top drives
  • More control for the driller
  • Completely weather-resistant, with kemplated internal components and Dril-Quip’s 3 coat paint system on exterior

Dril-Quip Bails are manufactured with full compliance to API Specification 8C, UNO.

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